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Participants in the VOLUNTEERS FOR THE EARTH PROGRAM seek to transform human relations and to share human goodwill in spaces for communal socio economic projects and social political activities. We all may contribute with our time, energy and knowledge, to generate respect and love for our mother Earth and to enter into alternative ways of living our lives, in the midst of pristine nature, healthy food and lifestyles, and sharing and learning from rural, peasant, migrant, and indigenous persons and cultures.

The Program is particularly relevant for those interested in building peaceful environments and in promoting respect for the rights, not only of humans but of all living beings and the entire planet as our shared Home.

The School of the Earth undertakes a number of joint activities with local and regional communal associations, groups, families and individuals. These cover diverse types of actions and learning where practical work/activities are combined with theoretical and methodological/epistemological study, discussions and advice.

The VOLUNTEERS FOR THE EARTH PROGRAM  involves designing and following strategies and methods to become part of solidarity  networks and linkages. This results in the need to acquire new knowledge and to undertake those gratifying activities capable of making us happier and more serene persons. In the activities, each participant develops and offers his/her personal abilities and knowledge, and at the same time learns to better understand the real problems, capabilities and skills, questions and  answers, aspirations and lifestyles of rural, peasant, migrants, and indigenous groups, families and individuals.

Participants completing the scheduled individualized Volunteers for the Earth and/or Service Learning programs, receive a Certification of Achievement concerning activities undertaken, including the hours employed and the results obtained.
The School of the Earth also offers scholarships for this Program (See SCHOLARSHIPS)


Internships help in designing and researching projects aimed at obtaining scientific, artistic, technological, institutional or academic results, directed, or not, towards an academic degree (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate).

The Epistemology and Methodology Program coordinates all internships at the School of the Earth. We  have library and documentation resources as well as satellite internet lab. Our experienced professionals hold Ph.D., Masters and Licenciatura degrees in the fields and issues of interest, and these serve as Advisors to the interns. Advisors help with theme orientation, design and follow up during the process, and in writing, presentation and defense of proposals or final results. We have special internships aimed at  high school, college and university course research and design.

Internships are of vital interest for college and university students, researchers and teachers. The School of the Earth encourages cultural, artistic, and social/economic internships.


Prices include homestay with individual bedroom and bath and three meals/day, access to facilities and services of the School of the Earth, including professional advice, computer laboratory and library/documentation resources. Internships must add funds to cover tutorials, assistants and field workers, data processing, materials and other research related expenses.

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